Tonino Lamborghini opens its first monobrand store in Las Vegas and presents Ginevra, new female fragrance

Last Saturday, February 21st, the Bull brand hosted an exclusive grand opening in Las Vegas to celebrate its first Tonino Lamborghini monobrand store in the United States at the iconic Caesars Palace Las Vegas in the Appian Way. Ferruccio Lamborghini, CEO and VP, together with Desire Fragrances, official global fragrance partner, welcomed friends, media and Caesars representatives, like Randy Aguilar, vice president of leasing corporate retail at Caesars Entertainment, at the ribbon cutting ceremony of its new store to announce the new female fragrance, GINEVRA.
The boutique offers the best-selling Tonino Lamborghini fragrances collections for men, such as INVINCIBILE and ESSENZA, and the highly anticipated eau de parfum perfume collection for women, GINEVRA. In order to guarantee the full Tonino Lamborghini lifestyle brand experience, other branded products enrich the monobrand store, including timepieces from the Tonino Lamborghini Swiss Watches collection 2019/2020, exclusive Las Vegas graphic tees and other premium accessory products embodying the Tonino Lamborghini lifestyle.
“We chose our first store in the U.S. to be at Caesars Palace because it takes us back to the grandeur of Rome and to our original Italian roots,” commented Ferruccio Lamborghini. “Our fragrances and body care line are meant for a clientele that is not afraid to be at the center of attention and, just like the sparkling city that hosts the shop, loves to shine and stand out amongst a big crowd.”
Following the in-store ceremony, guests were invited to a private VIP event at Rao’s restaurant where the new and first women’s fragrance collection was revealed. The GINEVRA line features two scents: an angelic and a more devilish one. GINEVRA white angel is a delicate, romantic gourmand floral scent that appeals to the duality of a woman’s softer, feminine side. On the other side, GINEVRA black panther has a fierce, bold, seductively floral scent representative of female strength and confidence.
Each GINEVRA is packaged in a precious and collectable panther-shape bottle available in two colors, black and white, according to the two different scents. Decorated with a golden collar, the flacon depicts the signature “charging Bull” on the front. Both lacquered perfume bottles are characterized by a faceted design, inspired by the cutting-edge design of the Italian brand’s unmistakable style.
The two perfumes have fragrance notes coming from two opposite dream worlds, represented by two opposite symbols. The fragrance notes of the white GINEVRA are half-innocent, half-voluptuous and open up with neroli petals combined with amaryllis and narcissus flowers. The scent floats in the opulence of white-water lilies and sweet papaya flowers. Contrasting this romantic and delicate smell is the black GINEVRA, characterized by an explosion of gourmand fragrance notes of blackcurrant and pear opens the scent with sweet aromas of jasmine and orange blossom.
The New Tonino Lamborghini Flagship Store is located at the Caesars Palace,The Palace Tower, Appian Way ShopsLas Vegas, 3570 South Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas Nevada