GINEVRA - Tonino Lamborghini Women's Fragrance Collection Launch

GINEVRA is a women’s fragrance collection created to reflect the two intricate, different scents and packaging, dedicated to two different souls: white for a delicate, romantic and angelic women and black for a bold, mysterious, fierce and passionate one.
The name of the new perfume is inspired by Ginevra, second daughter of the Italian entrepreneur – Tonino Lamborghini.

The highly anticipated womens fragrance collection “GINEVRA” by Tonino Lamborghini Fragrances has launched during the Opening of the new Tonino Lamborghini Store in Las Vegas on February 21, 2020.

This event marks the iconic Italian brand entry to the US market.

The scents are timelessly elegant, while at the same time daring and exotic. The bottle packaging is unique and modern with faceted angles reflecting the Italian brand’s cutting-edge design essence and inspired by the elegant, wild, charming, enigmatic and seductive silhouette of a panther.
The Collection Gift Sets are especially created as a bespoke timeless keepsake usable as stylish vanity case or handbag.

Each GINEVRA bottle is a precious and collectable panther-shape object available in two colors according to the two different scents. Decorated with a golden collar, the bottle depicts the signature “Miura bull” logo shield in gold on the front. Both lacquered flacon bottles are characterized by a faceted design, inspired by a perfectly angular-cut silhouette of a panther, a timelessly classic and provocative symbol of a true femme fatale. Always cutting-edge yet remaining classic, like the Italian brand’s style influenced by the roots of the Lamborghini family.

The two perfumes have fragrance notes coming from two opposite dream worlds, represented by two opposite symbols.
The concept of the WHITE GINEVRA parfum bottle is marked by a gold “Angel with wings” symbol. Like in the ad campaign visual, this feminine angel finds herself in a luscious floral whirlwind in the world of paradise enlightened by laser-like golden sunrays. The fragrance notes, half-innocent, half-voluptuous, hint a gourmand in top notes with blackcurrant, pear, and pralines open up middle notes with orange blossom, iris combined with jasmine flowers, float in the opulence of tonka beans, musk and vanilla. Truly romantic and dreamy, the scent reveals like a delicate flower touched by sunrise. Especially dedicated to a delicate, romantic and angelic woman.

The lacquered ultra-glossy BLACK GINEVRA bottle with a “Devilish” icon in gold is for the ultimate temptress, a bold, mysterious, and passionate woman, fierce with her piercing cat-eye look. An explosion of gourmand fragrance notes of raspberry, lemon, neroli and orange blossom. Gardenia, jasmine, lily of the valley and iris are seductive accords of the middle notes. A warm and powdery base of musk, amber, velvet and sandal woods allures softly, making the panther-like goddess exuding the ultimate charismatic drive, confidence and – is absolutely irresistible.

The two symbols, Angel-with-wings and Devil, connect the two fragrances to the social media conversation and strengthen the engagement to all the brand’s social accounts, supported by the #TLGinevra.

The Tonino Lamborghini GINEVRA Fragrance Collection will premier with a complete range of luxury fragrance bath and body products, featuring signature gift sets with a beautifully classic silhouette that reminds the vintage female travel and beauty cases. The gift sets have been designed and created as both keepsake and functional cases, to become true unforgettable gifts, perfect for the Holiday Season.